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RouteWatch & RouteShout

Where's my bus? Know before you go!

"Did I miss my bus?" "Is my bus on schedule?" "When will it be at my bus stop?" Anyone who has ridden the bus has probably wondered one (or all three) of these questions. Citilink helps take the guesswork out of riding the bus with RouteWatch and RouteShout.

RouteWatch is an interactive map of Citilink bus routes, and RouteShout is a free mobile app designed to give you real-time location and arrival information of our buses. We equipped all Citilink buses with GPS tracking technology that works with both RouteWatch and RouteShout to deliver up-to-the-moment bus information at your fingertips.

Example of RouteWatch Bus Locator on screenRouteWatch

Explore our bus routes and stops on your desktop or mobile device with RouteWatch. Especially valuable for those unfamiliar with an area of Fort Wayne, RouteWatch color codes each route and shows a bus icon to let you know where that bus is on the route at any given time. You can track the bus in real-time and plan your route at the click of a mouse or touch of a finger!

try RouteWatch now!

Example of RouteShout Bus Locator on mobileRouteShout. Every bus in the city, right in your hand.

If you're already familiar with where you want to go and which route will get you there, download RouteShout to access real-time bus information on-the-go. The RouteShout app provides instant access to bus arrival times, schedule changes, service disruptions, and even traffic delays. You can even mark routes as favorites for easy access later.

How does it work?

  1. Download the FREE RouteShout app from your application store:
    Download from the iTunes App Store Download from the Android Store
    (If searching for the app, look for "RouteShout"—all one word.)
  2. In the settings, scroll to Indiana and select Fort Wayne Citilink as your transit agency.
  3. Find your route and bus stop to check arrival times.

For additional questions/help on using RouteShout, visit its "how to" support page or watch the video below. To alert Citilink of a bus that does not appear to be tracking correctly, please call (260) 432-4546.

Helpful Hints

Please be advised that we do not have the "text from bus stop feature" incorporated in the Citilink RouteShout app (although described in the video), it is not available at Citilink bus stops.

Also, using RouteWatch and RouteShout in your mobile device requires data or wifi service. Data usage from your smartphone may apply, depending on your plan. Also, even though RouteWatch and RouteShout are designed with pinpoint accuracy, it's still a good idea to allow a buffer of time in the event of technology glitches, inclement weather, major traffic delays, etc. You should also be at your bus stop about five minutes early to ensure you make the connection.