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FREE Shuttle Service On Campus

Citilink, Ivy Tech, and IPFW bring you a whole new way to get around campus – campusLink.

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  • It's fast, free, and easy.
  • Save gas money.
  • Park in one place and avoid busy parking lots later.
  • Go green and preserve non-renewable fossil fuel, reduce pollution, and shrink your carbon footprint by 209 pounds a day

This free shuttle service is for students, faculty, staff, and even the general public to get around easily between Ivy Tech's Coliseum and North campuses, IPFW and its Student Housing on the Waterfield Campus, and some shopping and residential areas.

campuslink urban plunge alternative spring breakcampusLink students having fun on bus

Buses arrive every 20 minutes!

Get to class and avoid parking.

  • Catch the campusLink shuttle and commute from one side of campus to the other in no time!

Visit shops, restaurants, and residential areas.

  • Go shopping, grab a bite to eat, or get to and from where you live in either the Marketplace of Canterbury or North Anthony areas hassle free!
  • Download this guide of bus stops along the way!

Park and Ride
Do you drive to campus? Save time, money, and our planet. Avoid parking hassles throughout your day by parking in a location close to one of the 20 stops and taking campusLink the rest of the way.

Service Hours
campusLink operates during IPFW's and Ivy Tech's fall and spring semesters, Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m.–8:30 p.m. There is no shuttle service on Saturdays, Sundays, Labor Day, Martin Luther King Day, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, or Summer Break. Citilink fixed route service does not operate on Sundays, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Exact Route Schedule and Updates
Buses sometimes make detours from the published routes. View Citilink's Schedules and Maps for a complete time schedule of the routes and information materials in alternative formats and translation.

Customer Service
Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Left something on the bus?
Call Citilink at 260-432-4546. We're glad to assist you.

This project is funded by Citilink, Ivy Tech Community College–Northeast & IPFW.

campusLink photo of the Big Bus Stuff

How to ride

campusLink logoGo to a bus stop on the campusLink route.
Bus stops are marked with a sign like the one shown. Buses arrive every 20 minutes. See the route map and stop schedule for frequency at each location.

Wait for your bus.
As buses approach, check the sign on the front of the bus for the name of the route. This will tell you where the bus is headed next based on the route schedule (Northbound v. Southbound).

Flag the bus.
When you see your bus, step to the curb, and hold your arm up high to let the driver know you want to ride. When the bus stops, allow passengers who may be exiting to get off the bus before you get on.

Get on the bus.
Students, faculty, staff, and the general public ride the campusLink shuttle bus for free. All buses are wheelchair accessible and are equipped with bicycle racks.

Find a seat.
Move as far back on the bus as you can. Leave seats at the front for the elderly and people with disabilities. If no seat is available, stand in the aisle and hold onto the rail when the bus is in motion.

Get off the bus.
Let the driver know one block prior to your desired stop by pulling the yellow cord. Exit through the front doors.

Stay safe.
If you need to cross the street after exiting, wait until the bus drives away before your cross so that other traffic can see you clearly. For your safety, never cross in front of the bus.

campusLink Bus photo

Questions & Answers

Now that we have several semesters of this new service under our belt, here is a summary of frequently asked questions and answers to help you use of this free, frequent & fun campusLink shuttle service.

Who can ride campusLink for free?
Anyone can ride the campusLink service free of charge. The cost of providing the service is paid by a three year federal grant and matching funds from IPFW & Ivy Tech. While it was designed to improve air quality and meet the needs of people living, working or studying in the North Anthony corridor anyone can get smart and get on board for FREE.

Do I need to show the bus driver a university ID?
No. While we are tracking for the universities how many rides are affiliated with each one no ID is required. When you board at one of our off campus stops it is helpful if you inform the driver where you are going. This will not only help assure you are getting on the bus that will go to your stop most rapidly; it will help the driver record the trip to the appropriate school. So far, Ivy Tech is slightly ahead of IPFW…

May I get on the campusLink bus at locations other than the designated stops?
Yes, while it is more efficient for the buses to make a few designated stops, it is Citilink policy that the driver may stop at any safe intersection if there is not a bus stop nearby. Signal the driver that you want the bus to stop by raising your arm. If it is dark, use a cell phone or flashlight to make sure the driver sees you. The driver will not automatically stop and wait at designated stops. It is necessary to signal the driver even if you are waiting at a designated stop.

How do I know which bus to get on when?
Most designated stops will have a bus pick up within 20 minutes so you can just wait and one will be by soon. The campus stops should have a poster nearby showing the bus route and the time the bus will come at each location. Please look at the header sign on the bus to see if it is going Northbound or Southbound. You may also print out a route map and time schedule from the website. We have revised the route and schedule to make it easier to understand. It is a good idea to let the driver know where you are going and they can tell you if they are going there.

Can I bring food on board the bus?
Yes, while it is Citilink policy that there be no eating, drinking or smoking on board the buses you may bring carry out food or groceries that you have purchased. We just ask that all lids, bags, packages, etc. remain closed while you are on the bus. This helps us keep the buses clean for you and other passengers.

CampusLink does not start early enough to get me to class on time.
Citilink routes begin service at 5:30am and continue through 8:30pm on weekdays. Routes 3 & 4 come to the IPFW & Ivy Tech campus area. Check the Citilink website or give Citilink a call (432-3546) and ask a helpful Customer Service Representative to assist you with your travel plans.

How can I get a Discount 31 Day Citilink Bus Pass?
IPFW & Ivy Tech students, faculty & staff with a valid ID may go to the IPFW Bursar's Office, Ivy Tech Bursar's Office and purchase up to 4 passes/semester/person for $36.00 each at Ivy Tech or $40.50 at IPFW (regularly $45.00). Each pass is valid for 31 days from the first day of use on all Citilink fixed and flex buses.

For more information, call 260-432-4546.

Citilink Connections

Download the Citilink bus routes serving IPFW
Download the Citilink bus routes serving Ivy Tech

campusLink Stops Along the Way...

St. Joe Road and Evard Road Area
Cosmo's House of Pancakes • Dunkin' Donuts • Taco Bell McDonald's • Salay's • Subway • New China Garden Peanuts • Pizza Hut/WingStreet • Mama Mia Pizza

Ivy Tech's North Campus
Blue Bamboo Café at Ivy Tech's Student Life Center

IPFW's Main Campus
Pizza Hut • Subway • Taco Bell • YO YO Yogurt On Your Own

Ivy Tech's Coliseum Campus
Wrap 'N Roll Deli

North Anthony Boulevard
Atz Premium Ice Cream • Firefly • Chrome Plated Diner
Old Crown Coffee • Subway • Wendy's
Vanilla Bean Unique Cookies and Cupcakes

St. Joe Road and Evard Road Area
PNC Bank • Ricker's BP • Riviera Plaza • Bikes and Boards
Marketplace of Canterbury • Fifth Third Jeanie ATM • Wells Fargo Bank

Ivy Tech's North Campus
Follett's New Edition Bookstore at Ivy Tech's Harshman Hall
Higher One ATM at Ivy Tech's Student Life Center

IPFW's Main Campus
Follett's IPFW Bookstore at IPFW's Student Services Complex/Walb Student Union
IU Credit Union/Star Network ATM • PNC ATM at IPFW's Kettler Hall

Ivy Tech's Coliseum Campus
Higher One ATM
at Ivy Tech's Coliseum Campus

North Anthony Boulevard
1st Source Bank • Dollar General • Health Food Shoppe North Anthony Shopping Center • ProFed Credit Union The Bookmark • Wooden Nickel Records