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Poetry in Motion Contest

And the winners are…

From over 300 entries in the Poetry in Motion contest, sponsored by Citilink and the Northeast Indiana P.O.E.T.S, the top three prize winners are Al Zimmerman, Bob Wyatt and Wayne Hill; all from Fort Wayne. The contest rules required submission of original unpublished poems with an 8 line maximum. Several poems included Citilink and public transit in the theme but this was not required. Many entries were received from the surrounding area; including, Elwood, South Bend, Huntington, Wolcottville, etc. A PDF of the top three prize winners can be downloaded here.

The winners received cash prizes and their poems will be displayed in all Citilink buses. In addition, eight poems received honorable mention. These were submitted by: Michael Stroshal, Marjorie Gulliksen, Patty Hagadorn, Lori Miller, Corinne Bowditch, Darlene Bender, Delaney Brown, and Pat Levy. All poets read their works at the awards ceremony hosted by Borders Books at Coldwater & Coliseum on January 24th at 7:00pm.

The inspiration for Al Zimmerman’s winning entry was a musical group he and his wife toured with in Europe; called the Sounds of Hope.

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Our second place winner Bob Wyatt saw the notice for the Poetry in Motion contest in the newspaper and, as a Grandfather, offers this advice about words unsaid:

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Wayne Hill said “this contest rekindled my interest in poetry and I wrote about fifteen in a couple of days. I took them to my Niece & Nephew and they selected their favorites to enter.” The kid tested third place winner is most appropriate for the holiday gifting season:

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The Weatherman
I should have known
Not to trust the man in
Suit, tie and network smile selling

- Michael E. Strosahl

Ain’t nothing perfect but Jesus
and molded plastic!

- Marjorie Gulliksen
When my mom tucks me in bed,
she kisses my head and turns off the light.
I look out my window and wonder,
“Who turns the moon off at night?”

- Patty A. Hagadorn
Standing on the edge of morning
in a mist-enshrouded glow.
All the horses stand like statues:
Still forms in gentle shadow.
I’d like to linger in this moment
Like drops suspended in the air.
Breathing in the velvet silence
And the peace that I find there.

- Lori K. Miller
8 Legs - Not Enough
Why is the spider in the snow?
Even with eight legs, he cannot go.
His web is frozen to his back side.
And now he is starting to slip and slide.
Oh how he would like to hitch a ride,
On a Fort Wayne Citilink bus.

- Corinne Bowditch
My Kitchen Prayer
Now I lay me down to sleep,
Although I still need to dust and sweep.
If I should die before I wake,
Clean my kitchen for my Mother’s sake.

- Darlene Bender
Let your heart wonder
Your eyes Explore
Catch a bus and you’ll see more.

- Delaney Brown
I have a secret
I really want to share
The world is a better place
If you show someone you care.

- Pat Levy

Awards Ceremony

photo of Betsy Kachmar, Citilink Assistant General Manager, with Poetry in Motion winners: Al Zimmerman, Bob Wyatt and Wayne Hill.Betsy Kachmar, Citilink Assistant General Manager, with Poetry in Motion winners: Al Zimmerman, Bob Wyatt and Wayne Hill.

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Betsy Kachmar, Citilink Assistant General Manager, said “we are grateful to the Northeast Indiana P.O.E.T.S. who encouraged this overwhelming participation and then provided their expertise to judge and select the winners. We also thank Arts United and the Indiana Arts Council for providing grant funding to make this contest possible. We hope our community will enjoy these poetic messages as they use Citilink to go wherever life takes them.”


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