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How to Ride the Bus

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Welcome New Riders!

How to ride the busBus riding can seem mysterious at first — but it's not so hard after you've done it once or twice. That's why we’ve created a short video to help familiarize you with our service and to assist you in becoming an expert rider. Take a few minutes to view it and if at any time you feel you need further assistance or information, you can always browse other areas of our web site or call our customer service line at (260) 432-4546. Lets Get Started!

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Following these three guidelines will ensure that your ride with Citilink will run smooth, safe and consistent.

Using Your Schedule

Look at the map Citilink has provided. Find your points of departure (where you get on) and destination (where you get off). Now look at your timetable (Monday through Friday or Saturday) to find the time point location before your stop. These time points will tell you when the bus will be at your stop.

The Bus Stop

Buses stop at all designated bus stop signs. If for some reason you do not see a bus stop sign, go to the nearest intersection and raise your hand to signal the driver that you want to board. Buses will stop on the street of travel before crossing the intersection. Citilink makes every effort to operate on schedule. It is a good idea to arrive at your stop at least two or three minutes early. Watches and clocks seldom agree, and a minute or so may make all the difference.

Riding Your Bus

Please have your exact fare or appropriate pass ready as you board the bus. Deposit your fare directly into the farebox. If you have a pass, 10 ride or I.D. card, show it to the driver as you board. If you wish to purchase an "All Day Pass", let the driver know before you deposit your money in the farebox.

Once on board, settle back and enjoy your ride.

When you wish to get off the bus, signal the driver a block before your stop. This enables your driver to make a safe, smooth stop. (Passenger signals are clearly marked.)

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Please call Citilink at 432-4546 for schedule updates & confirmation.
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