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Citilink AVL System RFP


Automatic Vehicle Location System for the Fort Wayne Public Transportation Corporation

Deadline of submission revised to February 21st at 2 PM EST.

Fort Wayne Public Transportation Corporation
801 Leesburg Road Fort Wayne, IN 46808

Questions? Call: 260-508-8112, then PIN 621667 #
FAX: 260.436.7729

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Addendum 1 | Addendum 2 | Addendum 3

Addendum 1

AVL RFP 1-2020 for the Fort Wayne Public Transportation Corporation Questions

Question 1: Would Citilink be open to extend the deadline for submission by 2 or 3 weeks – We are very interested to bid, but the current timeline makes it difficult to put a quality proposal together.
Answer 1: Citilink’s agreement with its current provider is terminating.  The deadline will be extended to February 21, 2020. Our goal is to implement a new provider quickly.


Question 2: Could you please provide information about the Automatic Passenger Counting (APC) system to be interfaced with?
Answer 2: Citilink is currently utilizing Urban Transit Associates for automatic passenger counters.


Question 3: AVL Downtown Passenger Transfer Terminal Module b) – interface with existing 18 signage to display real-time arrival information: Does the existing signage receive GTFS RT data? If not, can you please provide details of the signage. This is needed to quote the integration of the real-time feed with these signs.
Answer 3: This existing signage manufacturer is DAKTRONICS.


Question 4: Are Citilink vehicles equipped with a cellular data gateway or router to transmit data from bus and to the vehicles? Can we re-use this equipment?
Answer 4: Citilink vehicles are not equipped with a cellular gateway system or router


Question 5: Does Citilink need the AVL and MDT to be interface with Citilink radio system for Request to talk, Priority request to talk, etc.?
Answer 5: No


Question 6: What is Citilink scheduling software? AVL/AVA system needs an interface with a scheduling software to input schedule, route, assignment data into the system.
Answer 6: Citilink does not utilize scheduling software for its fixed route system.


Question 7: Will Fort Wayne PTC consider extending the submittal deadline by 1 calendar week? Questions/clarifications are currently due on Sunday 2/2 (5 calendar days before proposal due, per page 4, 3.2). If an addendum responding to these questions is released on 2/4, for example, proposers will not have sufficient opportunity to prepare thoughtful responses before shipping proposals overnight.
Answer 7: Yes, the submittal deadline will be extended to February 21, 2020.


Question 8: If Fort Wayne PTC is unable to extend the deadline, will you consider requiring that questions be submitted 10 calendar days in advance of the current submittal deadline?
Answer 8: The submittal deadline will be extended to February 21, 2020. The question period ends five (5) days prior to the submittal deadline, February 17, 2020.


Question 9: Will Fort Wayne PTC remove this as a required form for submission with this proposal? It does not appear to pertain to this procurement.
Answer 9:  Disclosures of Interested Parties Form will be removed.


Question 10: If Fort Wayne PTC is not able to remove this as a requirement, can you explain why it is required?
Answer 10: N/A


Question 11: Do all buses currently have functional exterior speakers?
Answer 11: Citilink fixed route buses have functional exterior speakers.


Question 12: If not, can Fort Wayne PTC provide a roster of buses that need exterior speakers installed? Should proposers include the cost of this in the provided table for AVA price?
Answer 12: N/A


Question 13: Who is Fort Wayne PTC/Citilink's existing signage partner?


Question 14: Regarding line item 18.4.B (installation or large monitor) - As a software as a service provider, we do not require any proprietary hardware to run our solution. We would recommend that Fort Wayne PTC contract with a local handyman for this sort of manual labor, as it would save significant time and money. Is it a requirement that the winning bidder perform this type of labor or are you open to contracting with a local handyman?
Answer 14: The large monitor will not be a mandatory requirement.


Question 15: Can you please elaborate on your desire for respondent to “Describe the Offeror’s methodology for handling errors and omissions” and provide an example of what you are looking for here? 
Answer 15:  Inquires generated may include customer service issues, bus tracking issues, etc.  Until a provider has been selected and their product in operation, we will not know the extent of any inquires.


Question 16: The RFP mentions a 3-hour response time being required for inquiries. Can you please elaborate on the type of inquiries that are expected to be addressed in this timeframe (customer-facing or from Fort Wayne PTC, are these business hours, etc.)?
Answer 16:  The Errors and Omissions clause is included in the RFP to help ensure all of Fort Wayne PTC’s employees are protected against claims and lawsuits made by clients for inadequately performed professional services or failure to perform professional services.


Question 17: Are the buses equipped with outside speakers?
Answer 17: Yes, the buses are equipped with external speakers.


Question 18: In regards to “door counts”, are APC’s (automatic passenger counters) a new installation, or can they be integrated into the new system?
Answer 18: Citilink currently has APC’s on 4 buses.  We are working with Urban Transit Associates and will be getting a total of 10 APC’s.  They will be integrated into the new system.


Question 19:  What model of APC does Citilink use?
Answer 19: Urban Transportation Associates Model 31 StandAlone APC System


Question 20:  Will the large screen monitor for Central Station be part of the RFP?
Answer 20: No, we already have a large screen monitor at Central Station.


Question 21: How do you plan to procure digital signs?
Answer 21:  We currently have digital signs at Central Station through Daktronics; however, they are not connected to a cellular system and only display the scheduled departure times for the buses.  They are not interactive with the current bus tracking system.


Question 22:  How are the current signs holding up?
Answer 22:  The displays are still clear and easy to read.


Question 23:  Daktronics’s equipment seems to be exclusive and does not operate with other systems.  Will new signs be needed to be integrated into the new system.
Answer 23:  We will have to investigate the capabilities of existing equipment to see what options are available.


Question 24:  How do riders’ interface with the schedule?
Answer 24:  Through our current bus tracking system.


Question 25:  What is the driving force behind the procurement, why change?
Answer 25: Proper maintenance, and having issues fixed in a timely manner. So that we can provide exceptional customer service.


Question 26:  What is the deadline for the submission of questions?
Answer 26:  All questions need to be submitted on or before Monday, February 17, 2020.


Question 27:  Why was the submission deadline extended?
Answer 27:  Extending the deadline gave time for additional questions and time to give proper responses.


Question 28:  How soon will the new plan be implemented?
Question 28:  As soon as possible.  The contract for our current AVL system will expire in March.  We want to have the new plan in place with as little interruption in service as possible.


Question 29:  Does Citilink have an option to extend the current provider’s services on a monthly basis?
Answer 29:  No, and we are not interested in doing so. Outdoors at eighteen (18) locations under canopies near bus bays where customers wait for arriving buses, the vendor will interface with existing signage to display the real time arrival of buses and next departure time. Proposer shall provide cabling, wiring, testing for proper functionality, etc.


Question 30: So that we can propose integration, can Fort Wayne PTC please provide:

      • The manufacturer Make/Model of each sign?
      • The name of the vendor that originally installed the signs?
      • The method of connectivity for each sign? (i.e. Ethernet, WiFi, Cellular)

Answer 30: Regarding the 18 signs at Central Station

  • Manufacturer make/Model of each sign: Daktronics Galaxy AF-6300 Series (AF-6300-32x144-8-A-DF)
  • Name of the vendor that originally installed the signs:  Ron Mitchel @ Creative Sign Resources was the vendor in charge for the installations.  He can be contacted at: (260)413-6978.
  • Method of connectivity for each sign: Ethernet (Does not use Wi-Fi or cellular).
  • Current Content Management System used to manage information on signs.  API documentation?  These signs use Venus 1500 Software by Daktronics.  We are currently awaiting to hear back from Daktronics for API documentation for system integration.


Question 31: The current Content Management System used to manage information on signs? If applicable, please provide any API documentation for this system for integration.
Answer 31: Refer to question 30


Question 32: Pricing Table – “OPTIONAL Interface with Automatic Passenger counters (APC’s)

    • This is the only place that APC’s are mentioned in the RFP. If APC integration is desired, can Fort Wayne PTC please clarify this? The minimum necessary information to would be: Make/model of existing APC’s, door count per bus, warranty/service expectations

Answer 32: Answer – Refer to question 19


Addendum 2

Craig Dickinson – Daktronics

If you have questions relating to the Daktronics signage, please contact Craig at 631-334-1472 or


Addendum 3

Question 33: Are you looking for the "Software per user" column numbers to be listed out as per vehicle rates or the overall total sum? For example, if the total is $40,000, the line item would show $1,000, since dividing by the 40 required vehicles. 

Answer 33: Yes, that is correct. The per user line item is to show the per user rate.


Question 34: Also, for the pricing of the AVL Module Maintenance and Support line, are we correct to assume that should be the pricing for the 40 required units? 

Answer 34: Yes, the pricing is to include the required 40 units. However, we expect to see the cost for the full fleet of fixed route buses at 47.