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Route Maps

Download and view the entire route map in PDF format. In this type of format you can print out the map for reference when you are looking at your schedule or you can use it to help make your schedule.

There are two parts to the Route Map:

Part one will provide you with any information you need for riding the bus; fares, rules, contact numbers, etc.
Download part one of the English Route Map
Download part one of the Spanish Route Map
Download part one of the Burmese Route Map

Part two will show you the route number & color, along with area landmarks and other street names.
Download part two of the Route Map.

Download the right/left bus route directions.
Citilink also has routes to the area Parks—Click here to view bus routes to the Parks.


Route Number
Route Name & Schedule
Route Map / Timetable PDF
Waynedale via Broadway, Northcrest
Time Corners, Georgtown
Canterbury via IPFW, Village Woods
Wells/Ludwig, Parkview
Southeast Local, Southgate Plaza
Centlivre / Franke Park, McKinnie
Anthony / Oxford
Glenbrook / Northrop, Calhoun / Tillman
Brooklyn / Taylor, St. Francis / Gateway
New Haven

Parkview Hospital Randallia / VA Medical Center / North Side High School / Northcrest Shopping Center / Manchester Pharmacy School / Parkview Regional Medical Center

Glenbrook / Coldwater / Dupont Rd.
View the Flexlink Service page
Download Route 21 Map

Route 98 – campusLink – IPFW stops are now at Walb Student Center & Kettler Hall, does not go downtown.

Central Station Bus Bay Line Up
Central Station Bus Bay Line Up

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ex. 503 West Wayne Street, Fort Wayne

ex. 300 East Main Street, Fort Wayne

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