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Jan. 30, 2015
MEDIA CONTACT: Jen Schmits Thomas, 317.441.2487, jen@jtprinc.com

Campaign to increase Indiana's transit investment launches

INvest INtransit seeks to grow Public Mass Transportation Fund to $60 million

Demand for public transportation in Indiana has never been higher. Yet the state's Public Mass Transportation Fund (PMTF) has been flat, at $42.5 million, for seven years. For that reason, the Indiana Citizens' Alliance for Transit (ICAT) and partners are launching the INvest INtransit campaign.

ICAT supports a bi-partisan proposal by Indiana legislators, who agree that transit funds need to be increased in order to meet Hoosiers' demand and need for public transportation.

The PMTF is distributed among 65 public and nonprofit agencies that operate traditional fixed-route as well as on-demand service, where people schedule rides in advance. However, based on current funding, those agencies cannot meet increasing demand. They routinely have to turn down or reschedule requests, because they don't have the funds to expand their fleets or hire more drivers. At the same time, Indiana hospitals, hotels and other businesses are asking for expanded routes, longer hours and more frequent service.

Rep. Randy Truitt, R-Lafayette, has introduced a bill (HB 1215) that would boost the PMTF to $60 million. Representatives Ed Soliday, R-Valparaiso, David Ober, R-Albion, and David Niezgodski, D-South Bend are co-authors. Gov. Pence, on the other hand, has included a 3-percent cut for transit funding in his proposed state budget for fiscal years 2016 and 2017.

"Transit funding is critical for the economic livelihood of businesses, communities and individuals throughout Indiana," said Kim Irwin, executive director of Health by Design, which convenes ICAT. "It simply doesn't make sense to flatline or reduce transit spending when the demand for service in Indiana continues to increase."

Study after study shows transit use is increasing. In Indiana, ridership was up 15 percent from 2004 to 2013, according to the Indiana Department of Transportation's 2013 Indiana Public Transit Annual Report. Nationally, in 2013, Americans took 10.7 billion transit trips, the highest total since the 1950s, when the nation shifted to a car-centric culture and the highway building boom took off.

Experts predict the demand for public transportation will continue to increase nationally as well as throughout Indiana, because of the aging population, Millennial's decreasing use of cars, concerns about health and the environment, the instability of fuel prices and more.
For more information, visit indianacat.org.

Please reference the Bus Fort Wayne plan for additional information.

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January 16, 2015
For more information contact:
Pam Schieber, Customer Service Manager, 432-4977

Citilink WILL operate bus service on Monday, January 19th - Martin Luther King Day Holiday

Citilink will provide bus service on the Martin Luther King Day Holiday; which is being observed on Monday, January 19, 2015. Citilink fixed route and Access bus service will operate regular weekday service.

The campusLink circulator service operated by Citilink to serve the Ivy Tech – IPFW area will NOT run on Martin Luther King Day as both schools are closed for the holiday.

Schedule information is available by calling 432-4546 or by accessing the Citilink website at www.fwcitilink.com.

May 15, 2014
For more information contact:
Betsy Kachmar, 432-4977, bek@fwcitilink.com

Citilink Summer Fun Pass

The low cost alternative to get your kids around town this summer.

May 27 – August 16

With the high cost of gas, many parents are looking for low cost alternatives to get their kids around town this summer. Citilink is again offering our Youth Summer Fun Pass. It is a great value (it normally costs $0.60/trip or $1.50/day or $22.00/month for youth to ride the bus) - the Summer Fun Pass is only $25.00 for the whole Summer (pass is valid May 27 through August 16).

Where to purchase passes

These passes are available for purchase on our online bus pass store, at most Scott’s & Kroger stores, the Utility Office at the City-County Building, and of course from our office here at Citilink (contact Tricia Lilly at Citilink 432-4977). Youth service organizations may want to consider buying them for youth participants or selling them at your office for their convenience.


April 23, 2014
For more information contact:
Betsy Kachmar, 432-4977, bek@fwcitilink.com

The New York State Chapter of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) has awarded the Wendel Company an Engineering Excellence Gold Award, in the Transportation Category, for our Fort Wayne Citilink Central Station. Wendel served as the design firm for the project; the company is located in New York state. The ACEC awards are considered the “academy awards” of the engineering industry. The awards gala was held on March 29, 2014 at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City.

Citilink TerminalCourtesy Photo Credit: Fort Wayne Citilink Central Station

For more information contact:
Betsy Kachmar, 432-4977, bek@fwcitilink.com


May 17, 2013
For more information contact:
Betsy Kachmar, 432-4977, bek@fwcitilink.com


Citilink bicycle repair stationJust in time for Bike to Work Day & Bike Month Citilink has installed a bicycle repair station at the Citilink Central Station.

The FIXIT, manufactured by the Dero Bike Rack Company, is a bike repair stand with an attached air pump and hand tools; including, screwdrivers, wrenches and a tire lever. The FIXIT station provides an opportunity for a cyclist to make minor repairs and adjustments on the road rather than having to carry tools or walk an ailing bicycle home.

“A key component of the City of Fort Wayne’s Active Transportation Initiative and Bus Fort Wayne Plan is preparing for multi-modal mobility to better serve our community. Citilink consulted with Bike Fort Wayne team members and we all thought this would be a nice amenity for our new Central Station,” said Betsy Kachmar, Citilink Assistant General Manager.



December 15, 2012
For more information contact:
Betsy Kachmar, 432-4977 bek@fwcitilink.com
Eric Clabaugh, 373-7206 eric.clabaugh@parkview.com

Medlink Route partnership begins January 7th

Parkview Health has agreed to underwrite the cost of providing a new public transit route that will serve northeast Fort Wayne and connect the Parkview Hospital Randallia and Parkview Regional Medical Center service areas. Previous to this agreement, Citilink could not provide services beyond city limits, which Parkview Regional Medical Center was just beyond.

“We have been working closely with Citilink to explore ways to improve public transportation options,” said Sue Ehinger, president of Parkview Hospital and affiliates. “Parkview wants to ensure that patients and visitors have the appropriate access to medical services and facilities. Our decision to fund the new route will result in access that is greatly improved.”

Service will operate hourly Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm. The route will not only connect the medical campuses but will also connect with Citilink routes 1, 2, 3, 4 & 21 as well as destination points along the Medlink route. Passenger fares will be consistent with Citilink’s current rate structure ($1.25/ride with discounts available).

“Parkview’s funding of the new route is crucial”, General Manager Ken Housden said, “because otherwise Citilink could not operate buses beyond our service territory”.

Until the start date of Jan. 7, Parkview will continue its temporary measures to assist bus passengers.

Please reference the map of the Medlink route.


December 15, 2012
For more information contact:
Betsy Kachmar, 432-4977


The City of Fort Wayne’s Active Transportation Initiative and Bus Fort Wayne Plan is preparing a roadmap for multi-modal mobility to better serve our community. A key component of this strategy has just been released and is available here for download.

The Bus Fort Wayne brochure demonstrates that transit funding is declining as ridership and demand increases. Further, the benefits of investing in mobility include access  to jobs, education, medical & community services as well as environmental and public health benefits. Every dollar invested in public transit provides a three dollar return on investment.

This document has been prepared to serve as a catalyst for conversation regarding public transit infrastructure. The release coincides with the beginning of the state biennial budget process in an effort to provide talking points for mobility advocates and public officials as funding is discussed and decisions are made.


Media Release:

Citilink Receives Fort Wayne Downtown Improvement District Design Award

The Fort Wayne Downtown Improvement District presented the Fort Wayne Public Transportation Corporation/Citilink with a 2012 Downtown Design Award for Outstanding Design & Technology during a public reception at the Fort Wayne Art Museum on November 14th. This honor was in recognition of the opening of the Citilink Central Station which provides passenger amenities including; real time bus arrival information, security cameras, indoor waiting area/restrooms, bus pass ticket machine, customer service personnel, etc. The award winning design also incorporates geothermal heating, solar lighting and environmental design to minimize maintenance costs. The station design was provided by Wendel Companies in collaboration with local firms Design Collaborative & GAI Consultants. The lead builder was Hamilton Hunter. Citilink has not only received positive feedback about the new station from drivers and passengers; we now have received community acclaim for our improvements to downtown Fort Wayne.


Pictured L to R: Bill Brown (Acting Executive Director Downtown Improvement District), Ken Housden (Citilink General Manager), Tara Conway (DID) – photo courtesy of Margaret E. Caviston

Citilink Central Station at dawn

Citilink Central Station at dawn – photo courtesy of Joseph Chermerys



For Immediate Release ■ June 21, 2012

For further information contact:
Betsy Kachmar, Citilink Asst. General Manager

campusLink funded for two more years

Ivy Tech Community College−Northeast (Ivy Tech) and Indiana University−Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) have agreed to fund two more school years of their partnership with the Fort Wayne Public Transportation Corporation (Citilink) to provide the campusLink shuttle service to students, faculty, staff and the general public - beginning again on August 20, 2012.

The free campus shuttle was previously funded as a demonstration project of a Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) grant for the first three years of operation. The CMAQ grant required a 20% local share match of which was shared equally by Ivy Tech and IPFW. The next two school years of service (thru spring of 2014) will be funded by a Job Access & Reverse Commute (JARC) grant that requires a 50% match. The schools have again agreed to split the required match.

A total of 6,340 Citilink 31 day passes were sold at a discount with a subsidy included in the three year CMAQ grant. This is not an eligible project for the JARC grant funding; however, Citilink and the universities have agreed to continue this popular program at the current 20% subsidy. These passes will continue to be available for IPFW & Ivy Tech students, faculty and staff for $36.00 from the IPFW and Ivy Tech Bursar’s offices.

According to a recent survey of more than 1,000 campusLink riders, almost 50% ride 4-5 days per week. Service satisfaction was high on all indicators (65-90% satisfaction ratings). Total campusLink shuttle ridership for the first three years of the service was 160,731 passenger trips. Ridership increased 42% from year one to year two, and it increased and 27% in year three. On average, a public transit ridership increase of 5-10% is considered exceptional. Most recent usage shows a 50/50 split between IPFW and Ivy Tech affiliated passengers.

The campusLink route includes stops between Ivy Tech’s Coliseum and North campuses, IPFW and its student housing on the Waterfield Campus and some shopping and residential areas. CampusLink operates Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. during the school year. The shuttle does not operate on weekends or school breaks. The route schedule and other information can be found online at www.fwcitilink.com/campuslink.

Get Smart. Get on Board.


October 18, 2011
Contact: John Perlich, Parkview Spokesperson
373-7206 (phone) or 705-4271 (cell)

Parkview & Citilink partner on Don’t Text & Drive message

Fort Wayne, Ind. – Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2011 — Parkview Hospital and Citilink officials today unveiled a Citilink bus that contains messaging from Parkview’s Don’t Text & Drive program.

The partnership is an effort to increase awareness about the dangers of texting while driving. A new state law went into effect on July 1 which bans texting while driving.

The messaging will be on display on the Citilink bus for one year.

“This is a great partnership that will assist us in our efforts to educate the community about the dangers of texting while driving, said Lori Hunt, trauma prevention coordinator, Parkview Trauma Centers. “We want residents to be as safe as possible and recognize the risks associated with texting and driving.”

“Citilink is pleased to offer area businesses the opportunity to provide rolling billboards on the exterior of our buses. This is not only an opportunity to inform the community but also helps to support the public transit system that provides approximately two million trips per year to your customers and employees,” said Betsy Kachmar, assistant general manager, Citilink.

Parkview launched the Don’t Text & Drive initiative in February 2009. The program targets teenage drivers and adults who send or read text messages while driving. Parkview’s Don’t Text & Drive message appears on billboards, signage at Glenbrook Square Mall and public service announcements on television and radio. The campaign also includes outreach to area high schools.

More information about Parkview’s Don’t Text & Drive program can be found at: www.donttextdrive.com and www.facebook.com/DontTextandDriveParkview.

For more information on interior or exterior bus advertising, click here or call Betsy Kachmar at (260) 432-4977.

Are you unsure about how to ride a Citilink bus? Contact Citilink at (260) 432-4546. A customer service representative will help you plan your trip. Additional information is available at www.fwcitilink.com for instruction on how to take the bus and current schedules.


November 4, 2010
For more information contact: 
Betsy Kachmar, 432-4977, email bek@fwcitilink


Good news. This afternoon we received notification of an award of $2,000,000 under the FY2010 Clean Fuels Discretionary grant program for the purchase of Hybrid buses. This award is in addition to the $2,000,000 we received for the purchase of buses under the State of Good Repair discretionary grant program. Total grant awards for bus purchases in Oct/Nov is $4,000,000. Citilink was the only transit system in the State of Indiana to receive an award through the highly competitive Clean Fuels application process. Indianapolis was the only other Indiana transit system to receive State of Good Repair funding.

While Citilink has previously received ARRA funding for bus replacement, these funds were awarded from Federal Transit Administration discretionary funds (5309). The local matching funds requirement ranges from 83% to 90% depending upon the type of bus.

Citilink intends to purchase eight (8) light transit vehicles to replace ACCESS service vehicles that will soon reach the end of their useful life. The likely manufacturer of these vehicles, Glaval Corporation, a division of Forest River, Inc., is located in Elkhart. “The same companies who are suffering from the slump in recreational vehicle sales will benefit from this transit vehicle order. We are pleased to help our Northeast Indiana neighbors and improve the safety and efficiency of our fleet”, said Ken Housden, Citilink General Manager. In addition, many component parts are supplied by Indiana companies - over 70% of the materials used for bus conversions are purchased directly from or distributed through Indiana companies.

The remainder of the funds will be used to purchase replacement fixed route buses. These will be hybrid-electric buses similar to the seven (7) put into service earlier this year. These also will likely have Indiana components (Allison Transmission, Cummins Engine, etc.). In addition to environmental benefits (50- 90% reduced NoX, Particulate Matter, Hydrocarbons & noise level) we have experienced 30-40% improved fuel economy and anticipate reduced maintenance costs. These resources can be redirected to expand/maintain transit service levels.

October 12, 2010
For further information contact:
Andrew D. Welch Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications Ivy Tech Community College-Northeast (O) 260-481-2270 email awelch17@ivytech.edu

campusLink Wins Gold Medallion for Marketing Campaign

Ivy Tech Community College–Northeast, Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW), and Citilink were honored at this year’s National Council for Marketing and Public Relations (NCMPR) District 3 Conference in Indianapolis. The District includes Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and the Ontario Province of Canada. campusLink received Gold in the “Government Relations and Community Relations Project” category in this year’s Medallion Awards for marketing efforts over the last fiscal year.

Judges comments included:

  • Not missing a single component. Plan is well thought-out and executed.
  • It seems to touch every aspect that a rider (reader) would need to be informed about the subject matter.
  • Brochures are easy to read and have a wealth of information well-prioritized.
  • Signage well-designed.
  • Scavenger hunt event a nice touch.
  • Professional looking all the way around.

Together, the three organizations introduced a new circulator transportation route linking three campuses (Ivy Tech–Northeast’s Coliseum Campus, Ivy Tech–Northeast’s North Campus, IPFW), student housing, apartments, and shopping districts with existing bus routes to reduce congestion and improve access. campusLink has been a collaborative effort from the early planning stages all the way to implementation. The marketing staffs of both Ivy Tech–Northeast and IPFW worked together with Citilink to ensure materials have been of high quality with an aggressive marketing plan on a shoestring budget.

“The strength of this three-way partnership has far exceeded my expectations,” said Betsy Kachmar, assistant general manager of Citilink. “We look forward to the continued growth of this service through Spring 2012 – and hopefully beyond.”

The campusLink project is funded through Spring 2012 with a Congestion and Mitigation Air Quality Act along with matching payments from each of the institutions. Total ridership for the 2009-10 academic year came to 36,353, and year-to-date ridership is 70 percent higher than this time last year.

In addition to increased ease of transportation around campus, campusLink is an effort to get students used to the idea of public transportation. This includes a discount monthly pass sales program for Ivy Tech and IPFW students and employees. In the first year, 2,650 Citilink discount passes were sold, and general Citilink monthly pass usage increased 112%.

The campaign entry has been submitted to the NCMPR’s prestigious national Paragon Awards, and those winners will be announced at the 2011 national conference, scheduled March 13-16, 2011, in Philadelphia.
October 6, 2010
For more information contact:
Betsy Kachmar, 432-4977, email bek@fwcitilink


The Fort Wayne Public Transportation Corporation (Citilink) has won the Indiana Transportation Association Safety Award. This award is in recognition of the best 2009 safety record of all large (Class 1) Indiana transit systems. Citilink also won this award last year and in 2006.

“As safety is our first priority, it is rewarding to be recognized as the best in the State of Indiana for three of the past five years”, stated Assistant General Manager Betsy Kachmar.

Citilink’s mission is to provide safe, courteous and dependable public transportation at the most reasonable cost to our community.

JUNE 21, 2010
For more information contact:
Betsy Kachmar, 432-4977, email bek@fwcitilink

Seven New Hybrid Bus Debut

photo of Seven New Hybrid Bus DebutPlease join Citilink officials as we celebrate the arrival of seven (7) new Hybrid buses. These new heavy duty transit vehicles were purchased with a combination of 100% federal stimulus (ARRA) funding, 80% discretionary federal funding for hybrid buses (championed by Senator Lugar), and local funds to replace vehicles that have met the end of their useful life.

These new transit vehicles run on a combination of ultra-low sulfur bio diesel fuel and Hybrid electric power. These buses will reduce our reliance on foreign oil, reduce overall operating costs, reduce pollution and maintain Citilink’s leadership status as a recognized “Fort Wayne Green City Business”.

Hybrid electric buses offer cleaner and more fuel-efficient performance than conventional diesel buses. We are expecting a 35%-45% fuel economy advantage; based upon experience by other transit systems operating this model of hybrid bus - manufactured by Gillig Corporation in California.

At current fuel prices, we anticipate fuel savings of $8,689 per bus per year. This coupled with reduced brake and transmission wear and maintenance expense result in significant operating cost savings. These funds can be redirected as additional resources to expand/maintain transit service.

Fort Wayne/Allen County has been declared an air quality non-attainment area. Hybrid buses are a proven method to reduce ozone and particulate matter to improve air quality. Vehicle manufacturer estimates indicate that 2010 hybrid electric buses are about 25 times cleaner in carbon dioxide emissions and 10 times cleaner in particulate matter emissions that the 1998 diesel engine buses that these new buses replace.

Further, Citilink continues its commitment to reduce ozone by participating in the Clean Air Force campaign. Join us by “Doing What You Can Do” to improve air quality and reduce energy consumption.

For more information on hybrid buses or other Citilink service information call 432- 4546 or visit the website at www.fwcitilink.com. For more information on the Clean Air Force campaign visit the website at www.thecleanairforce.org.

Dump the Pump – Save some Green – Ride the Blue

December 17, 2009
For more information contact:
Betsy Kachmar, 432-4977, email bek@fwcitilink

How to Ride a Citilink Bus – the Video

Join us for the world premier of the only video on how to ride a bus that has been translated into Burmese. This resource will debut at the Burmese Advocacy Center recognition event on December 18, 2008, from 5:00-7:00pm at the Public Safety Academy, 7602 Patriot Crossing.

In addition to the Burmese narration, the video is also available in English and Spanish versions. The eighteen (18) minute video is divided into five (5) segments: Meet the bus, plan your ride, getting on/off the bus, how to pay and rules of the road. This video can serve as a valuable resource for individuals learning to ride the bus as well as employer human resource and social service agency personnel who help people access jobs and essential services via public transit.

The three versions of this video are available to view online: English video, Spanish video & Burmese video. A limited number of DVDs, containing all three versions, are available from Citilink for use in group training sessions. You may also catch it on public access television, as it runs frequently.

This resource was made possible through the collaboration of the following agencies: Allen County/Fort Wayne Department of Health, Allen County Commissioners, Allen County American Red Cross MIX Program, Burmese Action Center, Allen County Public Library, Access Fort Wayne and Citilink.

While this video is another tool in our box, customers may always give Citilink a call at 432-4546. Friendly customer service representatives will help you plan your trip. You may also check out the Citilink website www.fwcitilink.com for additional instruction on how to take the bus and current schedules.

December 2, 2009
For more information contact:
Betsy Kachmar, 432-4977, email bek@fwcitilink

New campusLink Buses Debut

Beginning Thursday, campusLink service will be provided by new, bright green buses. Funding for these buses was obtained through an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) stimulus grant at 100 percent federal share ($455,000). The three new buses are ElDorado Passports manufactured in California but sold by Midwest Transit in Indianapolis. These new buses run cleaner and are more energy efficient than the older buses that were being temporarily. Exterior graphic design application was provided by Paint the Town Graphics in Fort Wayne.

campusLink provides free shuttle service to students, faculty, and staff in and around the campuses of Ivy Tech Community College–Northeast and IPFW. It is also open to the public. This campus shuttle project is funded as a demonstration as one-of-two elements of a Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) grant for the first three years of operation - 80% federal and 20% local funding shared by the two schools. campusLink, which began in August, utilizes three light transit vehicles which provides 20 minute service frequency throughout the student residential and commercial areas adjacent to both campuses. campusLink operates Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 8:30 pm. during the fall and spring semesters.

campusLink Ridership by the Numbers

Ivy Tech: 5,853 (45%)
IPFW: 5,266 (40%)
General Public: 1,928 (15%)
Total: 13,047

The general public ridership includes passengers who do not have an affiliation with either institution or a trip that does not begin or end at a campus stop.

Since the start of service on the first day of the fall semester (August 24), total ridership to date is 13,047 one-way passenger trips – approximately 200 trips/day on average. Ridership breakout by category is listed to the right.

In addition to the free campusLink shuttle, the CMAQ grant allows Citilink to sell discounted bus passes to encourage ridership on the 12 regular Citilink routes. To date, 967 monthly Citilink bus passes (at an 80% discount) have been sold to IPFW and Ivy Tech students, faculty, and staff. Passes are being sold for $9.00/pass. Citilink is able to bill the CMAQ grant to help subsidize the pass discount.

The hope is that these unique and eye-catching green buses for the free campusLink service – along with discount Citilink bus passes for IPFW and Ivy Tech students, faculty, and staff – will encourage more people to give transit a try. Visit the website at www.fwcitilink.com/campusLink for more information.

COUNTILINK: A New Mobility Resource

This new public transportation service will be provided in Allen County where CitiLink does not provide bus or van service - transit trips that end and/or begin outside Fort Wayne.

Learn more about COUNTILINK.


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