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Bus Schedules and Route Maps

Bus Schedules

Route Number Route Name / Schedule Route Map / Timetable
1 Waynedale via Broadway, Northcrest/1A Social Security & 1A River Cove English PDF
Spanish PDF
2 Time Corners, Georgetown English PDF
Spanish PDF
3 Canterbury via Purdue University Fort Wayne, Village Woods English PDF
Spanish PDF
4 Wells/Ludwig, Parkview English PDF
Spanish PDF
5 Southeast Local, Southgate Plaza English PDF
Spanish PDF
6 Franke Park, McKinnie English PDF
Spanish PDF
7 Anthony / Oxford – 7A Anthony via Creighton English PDF
Spanish PDF
8 Glenbrook / Northrop, Calhoun / Tillman English PDF
Spanish PDF
9 Brooklyn / Taylor, St. Francis / Gateway English PDF
Spanish PDF
10 New Haven English PDF
Spanish PDF
15 Parkview MedLink English PDF
Spanish PDF
21 Glenbrook / Coldwater / Dupont Rd.
View the Flexlink Service page
Download Route 21 Map
English PDF
Spanish PDF
22 West Jefferson / Lutheran Hospital
View the Flexlink Service page
Download Route 22 Map
English PDF
Spanish PDF
97 USF Cougar Express
View the USF Cougar Express page
English PDF
98 Ivy Tech CTN –

View the CTN page

English PDF
Combined Routes Info

Citilink Bus Routes 3 & 4 Serving Ivy Tech


Citilink Bus Routes 5, 6 & 7 Serving Hanna-Creighton Neighborhood Transit Center

Citilink Bus Routes 4 & 10 Serving Indiana Tech

Ivy Tech PDF



Creighton PDF



Indiana Tech PDF

FWCS - Citilink Transportation Connection

Elementary, Middle & High School Routes

View PDF
Routes Serving Health Department Locations

Route 4 Parkview, Route 8 Glenbrook, Route 10 New Haven

View PDF

Route Maps

Citilink Bus Route System Map photo
Download and view the entire route map in PDF format. In this type of format you can print out the map for reference when you are looking at your schedule or you can use it to help make your schedule.

There are two parts to the Route Map:

Part one will provide you with any information you need for riding the bus; fares, rules, contact numbers, etc.
Download part one of the English Route Map
Download part one of the Spanish Route Map
Download part one of the Burmese Route Map

Part two will show you the route number & color, along with area landmarks and other street names.
Download part two of the Route Map.

Download the right/left bus route directions.
Citilink also has routes to the area Parks—Click here to view bus routes to the Parks.

Central Station Bus Bay Line Up

Citilink Central Station Bus Bay Line Up