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student using routeshout app on phoneFREE Shuttle pick-up every 30 minutes!

Citilink Bus System Route 9 serves USF campus areas and connects with routes all over town.

Service Hours
Monday-Friday 7am - 5pm

Route Schedule and Maps:


Download our route app!
Get Citilink's RouteShout app online at in order to get real-time information and updates on where the campusLink shuttle is located.

Get discount Citilink passes.
31 days of unlimited trips available to USF students, faculty & staff for only $40.50.

Purchase a discount standard 31-day bus pass and get anywhere in the city… for pennies! These are available to USF students, faculty, and staff and can be purchased only from the USF Business office. Discount Citilink bus passes are also available from other local universities with valid school ID.

Download the discount bus pass fliers and handy Ride Guides below to see how Citilink routes can get you to/from school.

Customer service
Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Left something on the bus? Call: 260-432-4546.