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Employer/Commuter Benefit Program Assistance

Why be a participating employer?

Transportation is a leading cause of employee turn over and absenteeism. Joblink offers a number of services that will provide more reliable and affordable transportation options for your workforce.

In addition, providing free parking or subsidizing the cost of parking is a substantial business expense. Joblink offers a number of services that will reduce the number of vehicles coming to your work site and there by reducing the demand for parking and the related cost.

Joblink offers the following benefits:

  • Automated ride matching for the formation of carpools
  • Database of area commuters who are interested in ridesharing, who ride transit on a regular basis, and who carpool or vanpool to work on a daily basis
  • Program presentations and transportation events at area businesses
  • Assessing the commute patterns and transportation needs of area employers and their employees
  • Support of the employee transportation coordinator at the employer's work site
  • Incentives to increase participation in alternative modes of transportation
  • Assistance in establishing employer based incentive programs
  • Assistance in establishing employer based tax benefit programs and subsidies for participants
  • Ongoing support by outreach staff for participating employers

Check out the Transicheck program.

Rarely does an employee benefit save both the employee and employer money. But through a great twist of the tax code, you and your employees may be able use tax free dollars to pay for the cost of commuting to work. Learn more about the Transit commuter benefit program.

Check out the Transportation Toolkit for the Business Community resources.

How to become a participating employer:

  • Pro-active Employers can facilitate employee mobility options by:
  • Sponsor an annual presentation on commute options at your workplace
  • Include a Joblink brochure in all new hire packets
  • Continually promote ridesharing and transit use through internal communications
  • Recognize those employees who are doing the right thing
  • Display Joblink materials throughout the worksite
  • Include a link on the company web site to Citilink's Joblink web site
  • Offer preferential parking for carpoolers and vanpoolers
  • Offer subsidies or tax benefits for vanpoolers and transit riders
  • Provide incentives, such as gas cards, additional vacation days, gift certificates, etc. to promote alternative commute options

Joblink Best Practices:

City/County Building Employees Carpool Program

In response to rising gas prices Allen County Commissioners offered to help County and City employees coordinate carpools. Interested employees signed up via the County intranet with their names, phone numbers, addresses, work hours, and building location. Participants were clustered based on address by the IMap Geographic Information System (GIS) which generated lists of employees who lived close to each other. The lists included phone extensions or email addresses. Then it was up to the individuals to contact each other and arrange to ride together. Twenty-seven interested County and City employees responded to the program.

It is not easy to know how many have followed up with their potential carpool pals or how many have maintained their commitment to carpool. However, even if just a few workers participate over the long haul it is worth the minimal investment to help connect employees interested in carpools.

For more information contact Brian Dumford, Allen County Human Resources Director, at 449-7217 or email

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