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How to load your bike on the bus

You and your bike are welcome on the bus.

All Citilink fixed route buses are equipped with bike racks.
Rack & Roll... bring your bike on the bus!

Learn how to extend your trip or enjoy the Greenway by bringing your bike on the bus! Ride the bus one way and ride your bike the other. Extend your range and avoid areas not conducive to bicycling by riding the bus.

Please view this entertaining instructional video on "How to Use a Bike Rack".

Are you and your bike ready to Rack & Roll?

Loading your bike:

  1. how to load bike example 1Wait until the bus has come to a complete stop. Tell the bus driver you are loading your bike. Load from the curbside only. Be aware of traffic and blind spots. Pull down the bike rack mounted on the front of the bus by squeezing the release handle and lowering the rack.

    For safety reasons, coach operators cannot get off the bus to assist you in the loading or unloading of your bicycle. Bicycles are not allowed inside the bus.
  2. how to load bike example 2Lift your bike onto the rack, fitting wheels into the slots. The racks are designed to accommodate standard two wheeled, single seat bicycles. Your bike must fit securely into the rack to be transported.

    Recumbent bikes, tandem bikes, three-wheeled bikes and motorized bikes are not allowed on bike racks, as they do not fit safely. We also recommend trying to sit near the front of the bus so you're able to watch your bike during the ride.
  3. how to load bike example 3Raise and release the support arm over the top of the front tire. Make sure the support arm is resting on the tire, not the fender of the bike.

    Please make sure you remove all loose or personal items from your bike, such as water bottles and bicycle pumps, before the bus arrives.

Children may use the rack when accompanied by an adult. Always wear a safety helmet when riding your bicycle. Bicycles are not allowed inside of the bus. Citilink is not responsible for loss or damages to or by bicycles on the transit system property. The bicycle rider is responsible for making sure the bike is properly secured before boarding the bus.

Download in our Rack-&-Roll guide.

Unloading Your Bike:

Tell the driver you need to unload your bike as you approach your stop. Unload from the curbside of the bus. Lower the support arm and lift your bike out of the rack. Squeeze the release handle and fold up the rack, if there is no other bike. Make sure the rack locks into place. Return to the curb with your bike, where the bus driver can see you, and wait for the bus to leave. Do not cross in front of the bus.

Download in our Rack-&-Roll guide.

Bike loading information courtesy of

Rivergreenway Bike Trail/Bus Route Access Points

Route Numbers City Park / Facility / Location
1 Johnny Appleseed Park (Parnell & Harry Baals Drive)
3, 6, 8 Clinton/Spy Run & State
1 St. Joe Blvd. & Tennessee
3, 8 Lawton Skate Park
1, 2 Main/Columbia/Clay & St. Joe Blvd.
4 Bloomingdale Park (Ewing & Superior)
6, 9 Main & Thieme Dr.
2 Swinney Park (W. Jefferson)
1 Foster Park (Broadway & Bluffton)
8 Tillman Park (Tillman Rd. & Calhoun or Hanna)
4 Lakeside Park/Anthony Blvd. & Niagara Dr.


10 New Haven
All Routes Headwaters Park/Citilink Transfer Station (Superior & Clinton)

This information is also available for download in our Rack-&-Roll guide.

Advantages of taking your bike on the bus:

Save Money

Using alternative transportation, such as bike & bus, just one day a week can save over $560 in total driving costs per year. The bus costs only $1.00 per ride and there is no extra charge to bring your bike.

Enjoy Some Exercise

Ride the bus one way and ride your bike the other. Extend your range and avoid areas not conducive to bicycling by riding the bus. Use this guide to Rivergreenway/bus route access points.

Improve Air Quality

One car emits thousands of pounds of air pollution and uses an average of 550 gallons of gas every year. Bikes do not. Full buses mean fewer cars which also reduces traffic congestion. Fort Wayne Citilink encourages you to "do what you can do"!

You and your bike may board at any Citilink bus stop or safe intersection along our many routes. We recommend you familiarize yourself with our route maps and schedules. You may also call our customer service representatives at 432-4546 and they will help you identify the most convenient location and time to catch the bus. Please arrive at the stop 5-10 minutes early to ensure your connection.