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Safety & Security with "Transit Watch"

A Public Awareness and Federally Sponsored Outreach Campaign

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Transit Watch, is a new public awareness and education campaign patterned after the successful "Neighborhood Watch" program initiated in communities across the country. Promoting transit as a community partner and safe haven, Transit Watch targets transit employees, passengers and neighborhood residents with a call for active involvement in staying alert and working together to maintain a safe transit environment.

The program's success will depend upon the collaboration of transit employees, passengers, and the public at large to ensure that our transit system is safe and secure. These are the people who are most intimately familiar with the environments they observe, walk and ride each day. As the 'eyes and ears' of our system, they can and will play a vital role in bolstering transit security by providing critical intelligence. Educating the public about what to look for and how to respond in the event of a potential or actual emergency will go a long way toward making all the people who live and work in this city feel more secure.

The Transit Watch campaign encourages everyone who works for or uses the transit system to be aware of their surroundings and alert to activities, packages or situations that seem suspicious. If something out of the ordinary and potentially dangerous is observed, it should be reported immediately to the proper transit or law enforcement authorities. The Transit Watch message is simple but effective: we all have a responsibility to look out for the safety and security of ourselves and our fellow citizens. If we make a commitment to get involved and watch out for each other, everyone will benefit.

For further information about Transit Watch and free literature to distribute to student groups, neighborhood associations and local civic organizations, call 432-4546. For details about the national Transit Watch program, visit the FTA's website at