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Citilink 2030 Transit Development Plan

Overview of the 2030 Transit Development Plan

Every five to ten years, Citilink completes a process of updating the Transit Development Plan (TDP). The purpose of the plan is to assess the state of the current system, review where future development is expected to occur, and identify service changes to enhance the choices people have in getting to/from work, school, shopping, medical appointments or simply visiting family and friends.

Between now and 2040, there is the expectation population will increase by 67,800 people and 41,000 new jobs will be added to Allen County. For transit to be a viable option to support growth, coordinated efforts between where new development is located, and current service areas is critical. One of the primary purposes of the TDP is to provide a forum for these coordination discussions.

The process of conducting the Transit Development Plan Update is divided into four primary steps:

  • Evaluate Current Service – Which includes both the fixed route services and paratransit (Access). The product of this step will be a description of how well the system performs relative to other similar systems and industry guidelines.
  • Assessment of Current Services to Meet Local Needs – Through surveys and review of where routes run relative to customers needs, a picture of how well needs are being supported will be developed.
  • Service Plan Alternatives – Where change is needed, the plan development process will investigate alternatives, including new/expanded service and revision of current.
  • Develop a Plan – The final product of the process will be a detailed plan of where changes are needed and what changes make sense and are supported by the community.

On-going stakeholder outreach chart

Opportunities for Input

The Citilink 2030 plan update will provide customers, community leaders/advocates, and people interested in participating in the process a range of means and times over the update to:

  • Gather information about transit in the region.
  • Provide input on your perception of current or possible new service ideas.
  • Participate in public discussions regarding transit.

Over the course of the plan update, Citilink will host three rounds of public information meetings, which will be advertised in advance and held in convenient locations at various times of the day.

Meetings will be advertised through Citilink and NIRCC.


The TDP update was initiated in February and will take about 18 months to finalize.

tdp schedule chart

Transit Development Plan Update

This Transit Development Plan (TDP) Update for Citilink provides a comprehensive review of the system's operations and the demographics and attitudes of its users. The purpose of this update is to analyze system strengths, validate and/or recommend changes to the 2004 TDP and present additional opportunities for improvement.

Download the Transit Development Plan (full report dated June, 2010).
Also available from the Citilink offices upon request.

Download the Transit Development Plan Update Executive Summary (Dated June, 2010).

Download the latest Transit Development Plan Newsletters:
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Current Citilink Route Productivity Map

Current Citilink Route Productivity Map

Download the Current Route Productivity Map above:
Current Route Productivity Map

Citilink TDP November Public Meetings Overview Presentation (November 13-14, 2018)

For more information, please contact:

Betsy Kachmar, Asst. General Manager

Matt Vondran, Grant Administrator

Bill Troe
SRF Consulting Group