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Youth Summer Fun Pass

The low cost alternative to get your kids around town this summer.

graphic of the Citilink Summer Fun PassMay 22 – August 13

With the high cost of gas, many parents are looking for low cost alternatives to get their kids around town this summer. Citilink is again offering our Youth Summer Fun Pass. It is a great value (it normally costs $0.60/trip or $1.50/day or $22.00/month for youth to ride the bus) - the Summer Fun Pass is only $25.00 for the whole Summer (pass is valid May 22 through August 13).

Where to purchase passes

These passes are available for purchase on our online bus pass store, at most Scott's & Kroger stores, the Utility Office at the City-County Building, and of course from our office here at Citilink (contact Tricia Lilly at Citilink 432-4977). Youth service organizations may want to consider buying them for youth participants or selling them at your office for their convenience.

Youth Summer Fun Pass TV Promotion
Check out the Citilink Youth Summer Fun Pass TV promotion!

Citilink Bus Routes to the Parks

Click here to see bus routes to the parks.
Download information on route maps & bus schedules or contact Citilink at 432-4546.

Rack & Roll... bring your bike on the bus!

Learn how to extend your trip or enjoy the Greenway by bringing your bike on the bus!
Ride the bus one way and ride your bike the other. Extend your range and avoid areas not conducive to bicycling by riding the bus.